Exchange listing announcement and next steps!

Valentine’s Day is coming again. If you don’t have someone to spend the night with yet, or want to surprise a special person, the answer is the same: Caramel Swap. There’s no better company on the most romantic night of the year than the most deliciously sweet DEX on the market. Do you want to know why?

In this article, we’ll tell you more about our Hotbit listing and let you know what we’ve been doing to ensure everyone gets the MEL they deserve, what’s already been resolved and what we’re planning next. So, read on and let Cupid’s arrow hit you!

A special Valentine’s Day

The 12th is certainly the most popular day in June. But this month, he will have to share his protagonism with his predecessor. On June 11th, at 10 am, our token will be listed in an exchange for the first time. And our partner on this iconic day for us is Hotbit!

This step was a big desire of our community since we launched, and we are extremely proud that we were able to reach it so quickly. At just two months old, we already managed to reach this important goal, which will put us in a much more comfortable position to continue our expansion.

What are we doing

A lot of work is ahead of the arrival of new investors. In the last weeks, our developers have taken care to increase the security and improve our platform’s interface. In addition to design changes, punctual bugs were fixed, such as those which were leading to highly skewed APR values ​​for Cake pairs.

In addition, our team participated in an AMA in the Satoshi Club Telegram group. In it, our staff clarified important doubts about the functioning of our platform, our ambitions, and the main qualities of our project. After that, there was a huge increase in the number of transactions and the number of new members in our group.

Security of our platform

Talking about security, recent attacks on DEXes with the use of flashloan have made investors cautious. No wonder cybernetic attacks are a big risk. To prevent this, you just need to choose an exchange that has your investors’ safety as a priority, such as Caramel Swap.

We recently implemented Cloudflare tools, which further increased the security of our platform against attacks. Also, our code does not have the features that were used as a gateway to flashloan attacks. They are regarding automatic migration to v2 and were not in our code even before the attacks.

As a way to ensure that our users are protected, we have chosen to make the transition manually and gradually. Currently, we already have the pairs CAKE-DOGE, BNB-DOGE, REEF-CAKE, and CAKE-TRON running on v2 and ready to be used, and many more are to come in the next few days. Our whole platform will soon be migrated to v2, bringing all of our several pairs.

What else is to come

Our team is determined to achieve excellence. In the coming weeks, we should implement a new UI, fix the lottery, and add new features. In addition, we migrated our domain to a dedicated server to receive a greater number of simultaneous accesses.

We want our platform to be flawless before we take even greater steps, to impress our newcomer investors and build a good image in the market that will sustain our development. Our next step is to make a big investment in marketing and advertising to give us greater visibility.

Investments in marketing and advertising

In recent days we have tripled our investment in marketing and advertising. Many actions are to be implemented in the coming days, which will take our name to an even greater number of people. With the listing day approaching, we want to use the momentum to give our token an even bigger boost.

We have ongoing actions on our Instagram and Twitter that have cash prizes. Also, we have already chosen the partner for a new AMA, and several other campaigns should be announced soon, including one aimed at the community of our Telegram group.

We are committed to the development of our platform with the search for new investors, in a balanced way that will provide constant growth. Thus, we want to build a strong, consistent, and safe environment for our current and future investors.

Isn’t MEL an excellent match for a date on this Valentine’s Day? So don’t waste time! Start farming right away and multiply your money while there’s still time for buying our token for a low price. Remember that being punctual on a date is very important. Follow our next movements by following us here and on our social networks.

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